The lawyers of CameronGray bring over sixty years of experience, knowledge and the application of sound judgment to the safe, beneficial, proper and environmentally appropriate use of nuclear energy and radioactive materials under the Atomic Energy Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.  This knowledge and experience spans a very broad range of activities from the development,  implementation and enforcement of regulations, power reactor and non-power reactor licensing and regulation, materials licensing and regulation, nuclear facility emergency planning and security, nuclear facility decommissioning, nuclear waste handling and disposal and administrative litigation in all of these areas.  Our objective is to ensure that the applicable requirements for the safe and beneficial use of nuclear energy and radioactive materials are appropriately applied and reasonably implemented in a manner to protect public health and safety, promote the common defense and security, and be consistent with the overall objectives of NEPA.  CameronGray can assist the regulator, regulated parties and the public in meeting this objective