CameronGray, LLC (CameronGray) is a Washington, DC area law firm that was established in June 2010 by the collaboration of two former senior lawyers and legal managers then-recently retired from regulatory and litigation practice at a Federal regulatory agency.  CameronGray’s basic area of practice is in energy and environmental law.  CameronGray’s regulatory and environmentally-focused practice is directed to assisting clients in ensuring compliance with the legal requirements for the possession, use and disposition of radioactive materials under Federal law.  The Firm’s principal areas of expertise and focus are the licensing and regulation – including compliance and enforcement-related matters – of radioactive materials and nuclear facilities; this focus includes reactor (power reactors and non-power reactors) licensing, medical use of radioactive material, and radioactive waste disposal.  CameronGray’s expertise addresses all aspects of the use of radioactive materials and the related environmental issues and requirements attendant to the possession and use of such materials under Federal or Agreement State jurisdiction, including compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.  Within these areas, CameronGray provides a wide range of legal services, including representation in Federal administrative litigation and the use of conflict resolution techniques to manage the difficult issues that arise in energy facility and radioactive material facility siting and regulation.  CameronGray has worked with, among others, Babcock and Wilcox, U.S. Ecology, and the Nuclear Energy Institute.